Homemade Bath Bombs & More
Kundin, Heidi

Homemade Bath Bombs & More

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Easy-to-make, all-natural bath bombs and other beauty indulgences

Imagine sinking into a tub filled with heavenly scented bubbles that lift away your stress. Or maybe you crave a bath with refreshingly fragrant fizz that wakes up your spirit and energizes your body. With step-by-step instructions and beautiful full-color photos, Homemade Bath Bombs & More will deliver an amazing bath experience that perfectly meets your needs.

- Discover more than 75 easy recipes for delightful bath bombs, along with other fun and luxurious bath products such as sugar scrubs, body butter, and bath jellies.
- Indulge for a small fraction of the prices at trendy bath and body stores. (Many of the bath bombs in this book can be made for just $1 each!)
- Feel good knowing that each recipe is made with naturally derived ingredients that nourish your skin and pamper your bath.
- Make gorgeous, affordable bath gifts to keep on hand or customize for friends and family.

The creative and colorful DIY recipes in this book are guaranteed to deliver the self-care you need on a smart budget!

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