Thank you for your interest presenting an event at Russell Books. We host regular readings and seminars every month and we work hard to find the highest quality authors & speakers, as well as the right audience for you!


Our Vintage space is ideal for readings. We can seat 40 people and can extend seating into the bookstore.


* If you are a publisher with an author on tour, or an author with a new book that would like to be considered for an event or reading, please email events coordinator Nandini at [email protected].


Every week we receive several proposals. In order to ensure the best fit for both Russell Books and the presenter, we need to receive a formal proposal from you. Note that we book events 2-4 months in advance. Please follow the guidelines listed below:


Your press kit should include your name, telephone number, e-mail address, and mailing address, qualifications and references, the book's ISBN number, binding type, retail price, the date it will be published, the publisher and the publisher's distributors. If the book has been praised by other authors, please send those quotes. Include a description of your book, what you would like to speak about and how you present it.


If your event is appropriate for the store and we feel we can secure an interested  audience, we will contact you. It may take 2-6 months to be considered for a spot in our schedule, but last-minute openings do occur.


If you are chosen you will need to provide a small write-up and mini-bio for your event listing on the web site and calendar copy.


Due to the number of people who contact us, it is not possible for us to respond right away. We will get back to you after we have time to consider. Feel free to call three or four weeks after sending your proposal.


If you are chosen to present an event, we ask that you be responsible for marketing your event, in addition to all the promotion the bookstore does as well. Our promotions include:

*        Listing on the web site & blog


*        Included in press release to all local media


*        Offered for listings in local newspaper events calendars


*        Included in email newsletter sent once a month


*        In-store promotion


Weeknight events are from approximately 7:30-9:00 pm.

Address [email protected] for any further questions.


Thank you for your interest in supporting local, independent, family-run bookstores!


The Russell Books Team