Russell Books Community Support Guidelines


For over 25 years, Russell Books has provided a place to buy and sell new, used and antiquarian books to fellow reading enthusiasts in the Greater Victoria community. Throughout this time, providing resources and support to our customers has remained a high priority. Consistent with this approach, Russell Books is dedicated to encouraging literacy and a passion for reading through participation in community events and providing ongoing support and partnership with groups and organizations in the book world and beyond. Russell Books also believes in contributing to the success of the community through our Community Support Initiatives.


Our Community Support Initiatives support non-profit literacy and education organizations, societies and schools in their efforts to encourage reading and a love of books. This includes support of groups through donation of books, calendars and gift certificates, as well as discounts for future in-store purchases at Russell Books or Books on View. Though we do not provide cash donations, please note that we are pleased to provide goods and certificates to facilitate success for fund-raising events.


Russell Books aims to support as many groups and organizations as possibly on a monthly basis, preferring to support many small groups versus a few large groups. Due to the volume of donation requests we receive, please note that we cannot guarantee assistance for all requests.


How to Apply:


Interested organizations are encouraged to contact Russell Books in writing for materials, prizes or other forms of support to make your event a success. All requests must be made on official letterhead describing in as much detail as possible what your needs are and please be sure to highlight any pertinent deadlines. An outline featuring project goals and initiatives is greatly appreciated as well as a summary of the organization or group.  This information assists us in making a fully informed decision for your request.


While there is no specific monthly deadline for Community Support Initiative requests, we strongly advise applicants to provide their request in writing as early as possible. Accommodation of last-minute requests cannot be guaranteed.


Russell Books responds to all donation requests and we encourage applicants to contact us again if a response is not received within one week (five business days).


Please send requests via email to [email protected] or in person with a prepared written request on official letterhead.


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Russell Books is proud to support the following community associations and events, as well as many others: