Which floor(s) have used books?

All of our floors and locations have both second-hand and new titles. Our three different floors at 734 Fort Street each have different genres and subjects.


How does Russell Books Store Credit Work?

Russell Books in-store credit is good at any of our locations and can be used on 100% of any-in store purchase you make at Russell Books. Including new, used, calendars, journals, and cards. You do need to have the physical credit note with you to spend your credit amount. We do not keep a digital record of customer credit totals.


Do you do refunds for books?

All sales at Russell Books are final because all of our stock is discounted or second-hand. If there is a legitimate issue with a book you purchased in-store and you have questions about returning or exchanging a title, please come into the store from Monday - Friday to speak directly with a manager as soon as possible after your purchase. If you are unable to come to the store to discuss your purchase please call us at 250-361-4447 and ask to speak with the manager on shift.


What types of books are located at your Books on View store?

Our Books on View location has additional books in the majority of subjects at the main store, as well as many more technical books, manuals, and obscurities. Our Books on View store is open Monday - Saturday 10 am until 5 pm.


What types of books are located in your Vintage Collectibles section?

Our Vintage and Collectibles section of the bookstore includes: signed, rare, special editions, obscurities, and modern collectible editions.


Do you have a full store inventory?

We have an extensive on-line inventory that includes everything in our Vintage and Collectibles store, everything in our Books on View store, and many thousands of new books that we can special order for customers. Our two main floors at 734 Fort Street are not fully inventoried so be sure to check with staff and they can help you locate what you need.


I found a book on your website that I'm interested in. Where should I look for it in your store?

Our staff are always happy to help you find a book, and we encourage you to give us a call at (250)-361-4447 or an email at [email protected] if you�d like to check on the location of a book before coming to the store.

However, if you want to become a Russell Books pro, here are some handy tips!

When you click on an item in our catalogue, you will be linked to the page for that specific item. The information on this page can help you figure out where a book might be. At the top of this page, you�ll see an underlined heading in green (please see the image below). This heading has your best clue about where to find a book.



Here is a brief key to the different locations a book might be:


RB - If the underlined heading begins with "RB", the item will be at our main Fort St. location.


Vintage - If the underlined heading begins with "Vintage", the item will be in the Vintage and Collectibles Department at our main Fort St. location.


BOV - If the underlined heading begins with "BOV", the item will be at our secondary location, Books on View (at 702 View St.)


Warehouse - If the underlined heading begins with "Warehouse" or "Warehouse CH", the item will be in one of our Warehouses most often due to its quantity (there should be a copy or multiple copies shelved in-store, call or visit us for a staff member to find it for you)


If the heading does not say any of those four things, the item might still be at our secondary location, Books on View (at 702 View St.) 


However, this item might also be a special order from our distributor. These items will say "Special order direct from the distributor" in the description. (Please see the image below.) Please feel free to get in touch with us for more information on special orders!



Sell Us Your Books:

         When do you buy books?

We buy books Tuesday-Saturday 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. The only days we do not buy books are Sundays, Mondays, and Holidays (all of December is considered a book buying holiday)

See our Trading/Selling tab on the homepage sidebar for more information.

Online Shopping:

If I don't see a book listed on your website, does that mean you don't have it in stock?


Not necessarily. While we do have a number of books listed, there are many that are not. If you are interested in a title that did not turn up in your online search, send an email to[email protected], or fill out our offline search form. This will direct you to our staff, who can then take a look on our shelves to see if the book you are interested in is available.