Popstrology: The Art and Science of Reading the P
Van Tuyl, Ian

Popstrology: The Art and Science of Reading the P

RB - Paranormal - Astrology

At the dawn of civilization, people looked to the stars for answers to life's critical questions, and the science of astrology was born. Ten thousand years later, rock and roll was born, and with it a brand new galaxy of stars rich with meaning for our modern lives. Who was the dominant pop star in the year that you were born? Which star and which song ruled the pop universe at the moment of your birth? Until recently, the answers to these questions might have seemed mere trivia, but a powerful new science now teaches us to read the pop stars carefully for critical insights into the inner workings of our hearts and minds.

Introducing popstrology, a radical new approach to illuminating your spirit and your soul by examining the influence of your ruling pop stars. Could your inability to form long-lasting relationships stem from your birth under the influence of Diana Ross? Could your chronic restlessness result from being an ABBA born in the Year of Debby Boone? Could your crippling sexual inhibition be a common consequence of being a Pat Boone born in the Year of Elvis Presley? There are those who would question the power of the pop stars to guide us on our path through life, but which force do you think was more likely to have penetrated your essence and shaped your destiny if you were born in the final week of January 1964: the quiet orbital shufflings of Mars and Jupiter, or the explosive rise of the stars called the Beatles?

The addictive, intuitive, and nonjudgmental science of popstrology is sure to assist you in your quest for self-knowledge and personal fulfillment, whether you're a compliant child of Huey Lewis and the News or an oppositional child of Barry Manilow. Fresh, funny, and remarkably persuasive, this groundbreaking book reveals the powers hidden in a galaxy of stars we can all name.

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