Origami Fish and Other Sea Creatures Kit
Robinson, Nick; Canova, Dario
ISBN 13: 9780804849548
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Origami Fish and Other Sea Creatures Kit

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Everything you need to fold a school of 60 origami fish!

Origami Fish and Other Sea Creatures Kit presents this collection of 20 delightfully fishy designs by some of the world's most famous origami artists including Robert Lang, John Montroll, Marc Kirschenbaum, Steven Palmer, Rob Snyder, Viviane Berty and many others. The book's diagrams and instructions accompanied with the step-by-step videos are detailed enough for even origami beginners to have the guidance needed to create a virtual aquarium full of beautiful paper fish.

This origami kit includes everything you need to get started:

  • A full-color 64-page origami book with step-by-step instructions
  • 20 original origami projects
  • 60 two-sided sheets of colorful patterned origami papers
  • Step-by-Step online video instructions for each model
Give as gifts to family and friends, or decorate your home or office with these 20 original designs, including:
  • The versatile Multiform Fish, which allows you to create a variety of fish based on one model by adjusting variables as you fold
  • The 3-D Bubblefish and Puffer Fish, which assume their rounded forms when you inflate their bodies in the final step
  • The playful Clownfish, with its distinctive stripes
  • The action-model Swimming Fish, which can swish from side to side when you shift its tail between your fingers
  • The unusual Manta Ray, with its realistically graceful form
  • And many other beautiful fish!
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