Love Notes to Grievers
Morris, Angela E.
ISBN 13: 9781778124587

Love Notes to Grievers

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While you grieve, what do you find the most exhausting? Feeling forced to make my grief more palatable for others.

Grief is a universal experience and there is a demand for books that offer understanding and direction. Everyone needs support, whether in initial grief, years later, somewhere in the middle, or decades beyond. Love Notes to Grievers helps readers grieve, without the confines of other people's timelines and expectations.

Love Notes to Grievers is a collection of poetic notes by Angela E. Morris, written following the death of her father, friend, and beloved grandmother, all within a short period. She shares them with other grievers as love notes to remind us to honour your love, and make space for your grief. Angela offers raw, heartfelt reflections in the midst of complexity, and of passing through these life-changing events.

Grief can leave you breathless, aching, and seeking. Morris' losses left her on a quest to understand and make sense of grief, and the only way was to write her way through it. In Love Notes to Grievers you can flip to any page and feel supported in what you are feeling, especially if the people around you don't seem to understand.

From the book:

Death isn't a singular event where you continue as usual once the funeral and recommended mourning period ends. There is a low window of tolerance for grief in our society. Death can feel like too much for some. Please keep sharing your stories so that when other people enter this realm, there will be a soft place for them to land with less guilt for refusing to mask their pain for others' comfort. I wish for people to feel supported, loved and held so they can healthily process their loved one's death.

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