Kelvoo's Testimonial: A Kloormar's Autobiography
Bailey, Phil
ISBN 13: 9781778102424

Kelvoo’s Testimonial: A Kloormar’s Autobiography

RB - Science Fiction and Fantasy
Signed by author.

When the human expedition arrived, the kloormari inhabitants of Kuw'baal welcomed them-especially Kelvoo, who formed a strong friendship with first-contact administrator Sam Buchanan. The kloormari in Kelvoo's village came to respect, admire, and trust all humans.

After the expedition departs, a new human visitor convinces Kelvoo and eight other kloormari to join a "goodwill mission" to faraway star systems. Kelvoo's team soon learns that not all humans are intelligent, benevolent, and trustworthy when they realize that the captain and crew of Jezebel's Fury are a self-serving gang of criminals. Enslaved and forced to participate in an interplanetary crime spree, Kelvoo's team must use their intelligence and knowledge of humans to survive their captivity and attempt a daring escape.

Meanwhile back on Kuw'baal, the kloormari experience irreversible changes in the wake of human contact.

Written from Kelvoo's perspective, Kelvoo's Testimonial is a thrilling tale of survival and a wrenching insight into human nature.

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