Getting Together and Staying Together: Solving th
Glasser, William

Getting Together and Staying Together: Solving th

RB - Relationships - Marriage & Intimate

Glasser takes a careful look at the reasons why some marriages and relationships succeed and others fail, and he offers startling new knowledge about intimacy and lasting relationships. Using his highly regarded Control Theory, he clearly shows the difference between sex and sexual love, points out the four key factors for fulfillment in relationships-love, power, freedom, and fun-and concludes that only when friendship is indigenous to sexual love can a long relationship be sustained. He also includes a test readers can take to learn about themselves and their significant other so they can use the information to make a current relationship stronger, find a potentially perfect mate, or separate from a doomed relationship while there is still a chance for a better match. Recently widowed after a long, successful marriage, Dr. Glasser uses his own marriage and a new relationship as examples and offers readers startling new knowledge about intimacy.

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