Forbidden Shores
Lockwood, Jane

Forbidden Shores

RB - Romance

In the tropical paradise of nineteenth-century Barbados, two powerful men and one beautiful woman are drawn into a passion that will tie them together-and possibly destroy them... Allen Pendale only meant to entertain himself during his long voyage to the Caribbean when he shamelessly offered to tutor the beautiful Clarissa Onslowe in the sensual arts. He never expected to fall in love with her, or that his erotic instruction would lead her into the life of a courtesan-and win her the affections of another man. Used to getting his way, wealthy plantation owner Lord Lemarchand-otherwise known as March-will let nothing come between himself and Clarissa, the seductress who's aroused every fiber of his being. Not even if it means destroying everything in his path, including the woman he loves. Bound together by chains of desire, passion, jealousy, and betrayal, this fragile triangle will be forced to face the ecstasy of their desire, along with the perils of their forbidden passion. And if Clarissa can't bring herself to give up her nightly pleasures, her dangerously sensual ways will bring about her downfall.
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