Dockside Green: The Story of the Most Sustainable
Fowler, Kim Alison

Dockside Green: The Story of the Most Sustainable

RB - Local History

How did a 15-acre contaminated harbour area in Victoria, B.C., once nicknamed "Darkside," become Dockside Green, the world's most sustainable development?

This book explains how community connection and sustainability can be achieved by an inclusive, responsible, innovative, and self-sustaining development. From its inception in 2001 to its ongoing development in 2019, author Kim Alison Fowler shares the successes and failures of Dockside Green's design, construction, operations, and lessons learned.

Fowler, the original project manager and sustainability planner, was guided by visionary principles based on the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) model that successfully integrated a New Urbanism mix of residential and commercial use with its adjoining industrial working harbour.

The question remains--world leading sustainability was built, has proven to be successful, and is loved by those who live and work there--yet has not been substantially replicated. Why? The answers lie inside these pages.

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