Appetizers: Recipes for First Course or Main Event
Osborn Che Che Che, Shane

Appetizers: Recipes for First Course or Main Event

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Appetizers are everyone's favorite part of dinner. People who really love a restaurant's appetizers often order two of them instead of one appetizer and one entree. For anyone who has ever wished their appetizer was a main course comes Appetizers by Shane Osborn. "" Appetizers presents a provocative idea: main meals can and should taste as exciting and flavorful as appetizers. "At the start of the meal, appetites are at their keenest and most receptive to new taste experiences," Michelin 2-star chef Shane Osborn explains. Here he presents over 50 flexible recipes that succeed as appetizers, entrees or finger foods.
"Don't think of these dishes solely as starters," writes Osborn. "The recipes are versatile and throughout the book you'll find suggestions for serving them as main courses." David Loftus' photographs, which provide vibrant visual cues of the recipes in their various incarnations, promote professional-quality execution of the recipes. All of the culinary tools needed to upsize or downsize are included: inset photographs, advice on presentation, assembly and serving, and suggestions for variations and pairings.
Appetizers will become an essential part of every entertainer's collection. Though Appetizers" "is Osborn's first cookbook to be released in the United States, he is not unknown to foodies on this side of the Atlantic: In a 2006 article "The" "Wall Street Journal "cites chef Osborn and his London restaurant Pied a Terre as the reason "Why U.S. Foodies Should Welcome a British Invasion."
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