Answering the Call: How Brian Canfield Shaped Canada's Telecom Industry
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Answering the Call: How Brian Canfield Shaped Canada’s Telecom Industry

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In 1956 Brian Canfield got his first job at the BC Telephone Company as an apprentice installer. He was just out of high school, only eighteen years old, a local kid born and raised in New Westminster, and he took to this new opportunity like he would to any new opportunity in his career: with passion and wonder and huge commitment. Over a career spanning almost six decades, Canfield rose through the ranks of BC Tel, first in technical roles where he discovered his love for technology and learning how things work, and eventually as a manager and executive, where he found his passion for leadership, strategic planning and mentorship. He became President and CEO in 1990, then Chairman in 1993, and over his twenty-four-year tenure at the helm, he steered the company through a period of massive change in the telecom industry, eventually making the decision to make the company a national carrier.

A much-loved, well respected employee, executive and leader, Canfield exemplifies the values that guide modern day TELUS, a company that strives to innovate and give back to the community. Told in a lively and engaging manner, and featuring full colour photographs throughout, Answering the Call is an inspirational look back at one man's remarkable career.

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