7 Steps to a Better Portfolio
Goodfellow, Edward James
ISBN 13: 9781039166639

7 Steps to a Better Portfolio

RB - Business - Investment & Personal Finance

WE ARE ALL LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER. Lose weight, be happier, get a promotion at work, become a better parent, get the most out of life. We are all seeking a solution or direction, on how to make something better. Investing is no different. To some, investing solutions may be about timing markets, picking stocks, or finding the next Apple or Warren Buffet. 7 Steps takes a different approach and focuses on creating a portfolio process and structure to improve the odds of long-term investment success.

7 Steps:
1. Allocate across global capital markets
2. Diversify broadly within markets
3. Focus on higher expected returns
4. Utilize financial science
5. Manage strategy risk
6. Manage investment choice risk
7. Manage costs and taxes

7 Steps examines important investment variables that investors control to better manage the variables they don't control. 7 Steps is an investment decision making framework to help investors be more accountable, build emotional resilience, encourage forward thinking, and instil confidence as they journey into the uncertain world of investing.
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