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A House of Minorities: Political Memoirs of Robert N. Thompson

By: Thompson, Robert N.

Price: $7.19

Publisher: Welch Publishing: 1990

Seller ID: IM33538

ISBN: 1550111450

Condition: Good

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Against the Odds: The Public Life and Times of Louis Rasminsky

By: Muirhead, Bruce

Price: $8.99

Publisher: University of Toronto Press: 1999

Seller ID: IM161078

ISBN: 0802006299

Condition: Very Good

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Barrett: A Passionate Political Life

By: Barrett, D.

Price: $7.19

Publisher: Douglas Books: 1995

Seller ID: IM292711

ISBN: 1550544268

Condition: Very Good

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Being Brown

By: BROWN, Rosemary

Price: $17.99

Publisher: Random House: 1989

Seller ID: IM442366

ISBN: 0394220501

Condition: Very Good

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Image for Common Ground

Common Ground

By: Trudeau, Justin

Price: $7.19

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers: 2014

Seller ID: IM364880

ISBN: 1443433373

Condition: Very Good

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Danny Williams: The War With Ottawa

By: Bill Rowe

Price: $7.19

Publisher: Flanker Press: 2010

Seller ID: IM239775

ISBN: 1897317832

Condition: Very Good

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Ed Finn: A Journalist's Life on the Left

By: Finn, Ed

Price: $8.99

Publisher: Boulder Publications: 2013

Seller ID: IM277848

ISBN: 1927099315

Condition: Fair

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Elijah: An Extraordinary Ordinary Hero

By: Comeau, Pauline

Price: $8.99

Publisher: Douglas & McIntyre Ltd: 1993

Seller ID: IM386358

ISBN: 1550540823

Condition: Very Good

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Image for First Person: A Biography of Cairine Wilson Canada's First Woman Senator

First Person: A Biography of Cairine Wilson Canada's First Woman Senator

By: Knowles, Valerie

Price: $7.19

Publisher: Dundurn: 1987

Seller ID: IM193390

ISBN: 1550020307

Condition: Very Good

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Frank McKenna: Beyond Politics

By: Sawler, Harvey

Price: $8.99

Publisher: Douglas & McIntyre Ltd: 2009

Seller ID: IM27496

ISBN: 1553654900

Condition: Very Good

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From Protest to Power: Personal Reflections on A Life in Politics

By: Bob Rae

Price: $7.19

Publisher: Viking: 1996

Seller ID: IM247038

ISBN: 0670868426

Condition: Very Good

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Grace: Grace Woodsworth MacInnis: 1905-1991

By: Lewis, S.P.

Price: $8.99

Publisher: Harbour: 1993

Seller ID: IM6241

ISBN: 1550170945

Condition: Good

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Heart Matters

By: Clarkson, Adrienne

Price: $13.49

Publisher: Viking: 2006

Seller ID: IM149665

ISBN: 0670065463

Condition: Very Good

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Heart Matters

By: Clarkson, Adrienne

Price: $7.19

Publisher: Viking: 2006

Seller ID: IM337203

ISBN: 0670065463

Condition: Good

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House Is Not a Home

By: Nielsen, Eric

Price: $7.19

Publisher: Macmillan of Canada: 1989

Seller ID: IM286665

ISBN: 0771594267

Condition: Very Good

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Image for Juggernaut


By: Delacourt, Susan

Price: $8.99

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart: 2003

Seller ID: IM322035

ISBN: 0771026056

Condition: Very Good

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Kim Campbell: The making of a politician

By: Fife, Robert

Price: $8.99

Publisher: HarperCollinsPublishers: 1993

Edition: 1st

Seller ID: IM438023

ISBN: 0002550768

Condition: Good

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King Ralph: The Political Life and Success of Ralph Klein

By: Martin, Don

Price: $8.99

Publisher: Key Porter Books:

Seller ID: IM437742

ISBN: 1552634698

Condition: Good

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Lester Pearson and the dream of unity

By: Stursberg, Peter

Price: $8.99

Publisher: Doubleday: 1978

Seller ID: IM423468

ISBN: 0385134789

Condition: Fair

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Mackenzie King: Man of mission (Canada's heritage in pictures)

By: Teatero, William

Price: $17.99

Publisher: T. Nelson & Sons (Canada): 1979

Seller ID: IM158533

ISBN: 0176007407

Condition: Very Good

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