All Shall Hide

By: Cisco Jr, Taylor A.

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A literal interpretation of Revelation 6:12-17 states survivors from a future great earthquake shall flee to hide in dens and the rocks of mountains. Such behavior is very unusual. Earthquake survivors normally flee to open spaces, away from buildings, to avoid injury from falling debris. All Shall Hide uses the findings from historical, aerospace, astrophysical, geophysical, and medical studies to show why world populations will be frightened into seeking heavily shielded shelters. What is the source of their terror? People suddenly collapsing in public from increased rates of heart failure caused by a great space weather storm. The awesome intensity of its cosmic ray output and harsh variations in the Earth's magnetic field will dwarf the Carrington Event of 1859. All Shall Hide shows the foretold darkening of the Sun to levels beneath global tempest of sunspots shall be the cause the perfect space weather storm. All Shall Hide formed its multidisciplinary, literal interpretation of Apostle John's scripture from the fiery truths of scientific studies. For example, statistically significant correlations between the variations in cosmic ray neutron rates and changes in the rates of death caused by acute myocardial infarction (heart attack), sudden cardiac death, cerebrovascular accident (stroke), or arrhythmia were manifested from collaborative research by Israel, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Greece. The ability of the Moon to glow in the absence of sunlight was derived from observations and studies of solar particle induced lunar luminescence. The dates of solar blackouts, like the darkness at the crucifixion and the third Persian invasion of Greece, were deduced from trustworthy historical accounts of acute solar darkening events that could not be attributed to solar eclipses and/or clouds. All Shall Hide is a must read for those concerned with strengthening their beliefs in the Holy Bible.

Title: All Shall Hide

Author Name: Cisco Jr, Taylor A.

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