The Sacred Maya Smoking Shell

By: Novelo, Manuel M.

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This is a story of the great Maya city of Lamanai circa 650 A. D.] its ruins are located in present day southern Orange Walk District, Belize.

The story of its ruler who was determined to help defend its sister city Chac'temal from invading armies of the Far North cities at all cost necessary..........

Also of a young peasant boy whose name was Box Belam Bosh Blam] he was born and raised in the magnificent Maya City of Lamanai in the west banks of a beautiful lagoon. By the age of fourteen, he had his mind well made up. He would become a member of the famous widely loved Lamanai's Royal Pok-A-Tok team. Ball game] Nothing or nobody would stop him.

After the sacred ceremony that initiated him into manhood ro better prepare him in becoming a soldier and a member of lamanai's royal ball team, he was sent on a mission that almost caused him his life........

Box's friends and mentor had been killed in an ambush attack by spies of the Far North cities, near the city of Altun-Ha. Having been inflicted with the sever wound, Box had fled into the inhospitable and dangerous rainforest but... it was only his refuge. He had been wandering lost, sick, and weak in the jungle for days but his determination to survive and return to his beloved city of Lamanai, his people and the girl he had fallen in love with, was great...........

Moreover, he was also determined to survive so that one day he could find and eliminate the people responsible for the death of his friends and mentor.

For many days he walked through the rainforest, looking out for the enemy, and surviving on wild fruits when he came across two men who....

A story of adventure, war, courage, treachery, love and rise to greatness in an ancient civilization.

Title: The Sacred Maya Smoking Shell

Author Name: Novelo, Manuel M.

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