Melchizedek & the Temple: The Promise of the Ages

By: Konczyk, R. J.

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The current world confusion and condition of human affairs is a natural phase within an evolutionary process that will ultimately lead to the unification of the human race into a single social order. This process has passed through stages we should consider as being analogous to those of infancy and childhood, and is now in the culminating period of adolescence approaching its long-awaited coming of age-an age of universal peace and justice. This has been the promise given throughout all the major faiths of the world. The social fabric of the world is out of balance and through Divine intervention nations will form together in a collective consciousness recognizing the need for a revolutionary shift of spirit to undertake those measures creating lasting harmony and peace. Dr. M. Scott Peck speaks of world-views as being religious. To move away from war, we must distinguish between "true religions and false religions, true prophets and false prophets," and that "truth in religion is characterized by inclusivity," while "falsity in religion can be detected by its one-sidedness and failure to integrate the whole." History clearly shows that some form of a universal legislative body is not only essential, but also inevitable. Such a system is not conceived from the mind of mortal man; rather, it is a Divine System that was set in motion over 6000 years ago. The purpose in writing Melchizedek & the Temple is to show the story of this evolutionary process-a journey through time, culminating with the promise of an earthly kingdom-an all-inclusive world government, free from tyranny, hate, prejudice and war. Melchizedek & the Temple offers a practical, and compelling alternative to antiquatedideas that in reality prevent humankind from achieving what it longs for-universal peace and justice. It is a message of warning and of promise. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Title: Melchizedek & the Temple: The Promise of the Ages

Author Name: Konczyk, R. J.

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