Red Cell: Rouge Warrior 2

By: Richard Marcinko; John Weisman

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In the smash bestselling autobiography "Rogue Warrior," Richard Marcinko chronicled his controversial thirty-year career in the U.S. Navy's elite maritime commandos, the SEAL teams. Marcinko rose through the ranks to create and command the Navy's legendary counterterrorist unit, SEAL TEAM SIX, scoring vitories against enemies all over the globe.Pleased with his success, the chief of Naval Operations ordered him to create RED CELL -- a dirty-dozen team of SEALs whose mission was to infiltrate the Navy's most secure installations. Marcinko did his job too well. No Navy base was safe -- no commander's billet secure. His reward was a year in a federal penitentiary.

During that year, Marcinko and John Weisman wrote "RogueWarrior." But, bound by government restrictions on classified information, Marcinko was only able to tell a fraction of his incredible story. The tales he could not tell, the secrets he could not reveal, now explode on the page as the Rogue Warrior returns in the blockbuster suspense novel of the year -- a novelwith him as the hero

He is the enemy's worst nightmare, living by the untimate commandment of unconventional warfare -- win, by any means.He is brash, brazen, and possessed equally of a killer charm and the capacity to become a stone-cold killer.As "ROGUE WARRIOR II: RED CELL" begins, Dick Marcinko is a freelance security consultant, playing terrorist at Tokyo's Narita Airport. Easily penetratingthe facility's defenses, he engages in a deadly firefight with North Korean operatives --and makes a discovery that plunges him into a secret war for America's national security.

Financed by traitorous Americans, smugglers are transferring nuclear materials toNorth Korea through Japan. Former Secretary of Defense Grant Griffith, a behind the scenes power in the Pentagon, believes that only the Rogue Warrior can stop the operation; he convinces the Navy to recall Marcinko involuntarily to command RED CELL. Marcinko is a legent to the SEALs of RED CELL, and they're willing to follow him into hell -- to go anywhere and do anything to crush those who would betray America for a price.

From infiltrating Washington's Navy Yard offices and the Navy's top-secret nuclear weapons depot in Seal Beach, California, to raiding a North Korean Navy base in the most heavily guarded harbor in Asia, to a final assault on a target far out in the Pacific, the Rogue Warrior and his marauding SEALs fight incredible odds and increasingly dangerous enemies.And, as time runs out, "ROGUE WARRIOR II: RED CELL" races to its electrifying climax.

Title: Red Cell: Rouge Warrior 2

Author Name: Richard Marcinko; John Weisman

Categories: BOV - Fiction,

Publisher: Pocket Books: 1994

ISBN Number: 0671799568

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