Our book trade counter is currently closed in accomodate our move and the holiday rush. It will reopen in the new year in our new home.

Books we are interested in:

Here at Russell Books we assess books of all kinds with condition being our primary concern. Creasing, highlighting, and underlining are not deal breakers when we are doing book assessments, but they will affect the amount we can offer you.  We are interested in everything from antiquarian rarities, to current best sellers and everything in between. We will look at any quantity of books you may be interested in trading. We have customers who come in to trade a single title that they have just finished all the way up to whole libraries or collections.


What we will not buy:

Books in bad condition. This includes: loose pages, cracked spines, funky odors, excessive marking, and rips and tears.

  • Readers Digest condensed books
  • Outdated textbooks and computer manuals
  • Encyclopedia sets
  • Ex-library books
  • Harlequin romance novels
  • Most magazines
  • Most "Book Club" editions (click link for more info)


What you get for your books:

We buy books we can re-sell. We generally deal in store credit which you can use to purchase anything we sell in store. The credit never expires and works on 100% of in-store purchases. We do sometimes offer cash for large amounts of desirable books or extremely valuable books. Any cash offers made are at the discretion of the book buyer.  Any offer we do make (cash or credit) will fluctuate based on the desirability and quality of books, their condition, and our own inventory levels. 


Please always feel free to ask an appraiser if you have any questions in regards to your books.


The Process:

Step one: Bring in your gently used books in bags or boxes and proceed to our book appraisal counter on the main street-level floor where you can check in with an appraiser. Although our employees are not permitted to leave the store to assist you (for liability reasons), you are welcome to borrow our dolly to bring in large amounts from your vehicle. The appraisers will take your information.

Step two: Since the book appraisal process takes from approximately 10-25 minutes, feel free to take a quick browse in our store or pop out for a brief coffee while we do the assessment of your books. We do ask that you stay in store, or close by while we go through your books since it is a quick process, and holding space is limited. 

Step three: After browsing, return to the appraisal counter where you can settle up with an appraiser. They will give you back any titles we could not use (if there are any) to donate at a place of your choice. 



Metered parking is available in front of our store. There is also a city parkade behind our store, one block away on View Street. The parkade has pedestrian access to Fort Street, and the first hour is free.


House Calls:

If you have more than 1000 books, you may be eligible for a house call. To arrange a house call please call the store (250) 361-4447 and leave a detailed message for the book buyers with a Russell Books staff member.


For further questions regarding book buying please call us at (250) 361-4447 (ask to speak to an Appraiser).