Honey: Everyday Recipes for Cooking and Baking
Prosperi-Porta, Angelo

Honey: Everyday Recipes for Cooking and Baking

RB - Cooking - Herbs, Spices, & Oils

Honey is a collection of recipes that showcase the sweet, rich, and sunny-colored delight made by nature's hardest worker--the bee. You'll be surprised at how versatile honey really is.

Honey is a natural whole food that can be used in many different dishes and enjoyed in a variety of ways--this book introduces you to the countless possibilities of nature's sweetest natural ingredient.

Honey can be used to great effect to add moisture and color to breads and baked goods; enhance the texture and depth of flavor in sauces and preserves; provide balance and an unexpected counterpart to savory side and main dishes such as roasts and seafood; and add its trademark understated sweetness to confections and desserts.

In addition to featuring general guidelines on how to substitute honey for white sugar in all kinds of dishes, Honey also offers a wealth of information about the key ingredient. You'll learn about why bees are so essential to our ecosystem, the most common varietals of honey and their characteristics, and how to use honey to create brines that enhance the savory flavor of meats before roasting, smoking, or barbecuing. And if that's not enough, you'll even learn how to make your own honey throat lozenges.

Written by award-winning chef Angelo Prosperi-Porta, many of the recipes in Honey were inspired by the chef's Italian heritage, and his profound respect and admiration for bees.

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