Fear is a Liar: How to Stop Anxious Thoughts and Experience God's Love
Lancaster, Daniel B.
ISBN 13: 9781086853193

Fear is a Liar: How to Stop Anxious Thoughts and Experience God’s Love

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Do You Struggle With Anxiety And Worry? Slay Your Giants With The LOVE Plan.

You want to live in the present but worries about the future steal your joy. You're tired of fear controlling your life and hurting relationships. Anxious thoughts occupy your mind and you can't stop overthinking things. Satan has stolen your self-confidence and you want it back. Now.

In his latest book, Dr. Lancaster explores the origin of our deepest fears and why they trap us. Then, he shares an easy-to-follow biblical plan to crush your fears. This is no "quick fix" book, but you will learn a simple, powerful way to defeat worry - anytime, anywhere.

The LOVE plan will help you...

  • Find peace and stop thinking about anxiety
  • Discover an easy way to put your fears on hold
  • Learn how to get self-confidence and stand strong against depression and anxiety
  • Relax and stop thinking about money all the time
  • Calm your mind and experience God's love again

Dr. Lancaster is a veteran pastor, missionary and bestselling author of Powerful Prayers in the War Room. In the past thirty years, he has taught thousands how to stop anxiety in its tracks.

If you liked Rachel Hollis's Girl, Wash Your Face or Max Lucado's Anxious for Nothing, you will love Fear is a Liar. Spiritual. Easy-to-Read. Life-Changing.

By opening your heart to four simple steps, you will begin to feel the true power of God's love to overcome any lack of confidence in your life. You will experience fewer fears and fewer tears.

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