Crush Your Fears: 100 Powerful Promises to Overcome Anxiety
Lancaster, Daniel B.
ISBN 13: 9781709391026

Crush Your Fears: 100 Powerful Promises to Overcome Anxiety

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Do you struggle with anxiety? Does your mind race with worries you can't stop?

You are not alone, many people today are paralyzed by fear. The good news is God has given powerful promises in the Bible that crush fear. And less fears means less tears.

In his latest book, Dr. Lancaster has brought together 100 promises from God's Word you can use in your fight against anxious and negative thoughts. Simply reading these promises will lift your spirits. Applying them to your life will give you more confidence and peace.

Don't wait another minute to address the fears that are keeping you back. You can have a life that is abundant and free. A life full of meaning and purpose. A life that is not controlled by overthinking, trying to be perfect, and ferocious fears.

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