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From Adam to Noah-The Numbers Game: Why the Genealogy Puzzles of Genesis 5 and 11 Are in the Bible, Timmons, Leonard
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Author Name:    Timmons, Leonard

Title:   From Adam to Noah-The Numbers Game: Why the Genealogy Puzzles of Genesis 5 and 11 Are in the Bible

Binding:   Hardcover

Book Condition:   New

Publisher:    Sliding Stories, LLC 

ISBN Number:   0983383111 / 9780983383116

Seller ID:   ING9780983383116

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"From Adam to Noah-The Numbers Game," shows that the genealogy of Adam in Genesis 5 is a puzzle. Genesis 5 reports that people lived for over 900 years.Where are the clues that the genealogy of Genesis 5 is a puzzle?Here's the first: 1 56 years: Lamech's birth to Adam's death2 56 + 1 years: Lamech's birth to Enoch's disappearance 3 56 years: Lamech's birth to Seth's death Here's the second clue: 416 years: Lamech's death to Kenan's death 416 years: Lamech's birth to Mahalalel's death 416 years: Enosh's death to the birth of Noah's sons And the third clue: 1 84 years: Lamech's birth to Enosh's death 2 84 + 416 years: Jared's death to Noah's death 3 84 years: Enoch's birth to Lamech's birth A collection of real human ages would never display a pattern like this. Solving the puzzle reveals a fully functional, 2500+ year old calendar that is as accurate as our modern calendar. The extracted calendar is based on a 364-day year with a 369-day leap year and a 365-day year that occurs once every 33 years. The average length of a year for this 33-year calendar is 365.242424 days which is very near the length of the vernal equinox year of 365.242374 days on which our calendar is based. It is now clear that the Bible contains science. It's ancient science, but it's real science. The Bible writers were ancient scientists and the Bible is a repository of their work. If you're a scientist, engineer or technician and you've found it impossible to take the Bible seriously, now you can. Just as we were unable to recognize this calendar as a calendar, the science of the Bible has not been recognized as science because its' authors spoke in parables and riddles. This was a part of the Biblical culture. The book of Proverbs says that it will teach the reader how to understand the "words of the wise" which consist of proverbs, riddles and figures (puzzles). "Besides being wise, the Preacher also taught the people knowledge, weighing and studying and arranging proverbs with great care." (Ecc 12:9 RSV) "My mouth shall speak wisdom; the meditation of my heart shall be understanding. I will incline my ear to a proverb; I will solve my riddle to the music of the lyre. (Psa 49:3-4 RSV) So when Jesus taught using parables and riddles he was following a tradition that was ancient when Solomon was king. This kind of riddle extends far beyond the genealogy of Genesis 5. Genesis 1 to 11 contains a collection of riddles woven into a single fabric. The riddles continue through the book of Revelation. Once we understand these riddles we discover that the Bible actually contains a consistent, workable philosophy that can actually explain the way the world works.

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